Persia and Parties

I am thrilled to report that my other half camera is back in my hot little hands
after sightseeing around Persia.


Greg went to Turkey to attend his cousin's wedding,
- more a brother than a cousin really,
since they are both 'only children'
 who grew up thrashing the living daylights out of each other.
They are like chalk and cheese to look at,
one light, one dark
but both possess a similar natural grace with people
and are two of the most gentle and creative men I know.

Greg did a fabulous job with the camera,
and these images were a joy to explore.
They were a gift to edit for him
and were almost as good as the shopping 
he did for us at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.
The vibrant ceramics and embossed silver bowl were a hit,
but the vintage candle lantern catapulted him into my good books.
He also bought M2 a soft, soft woven blanket
which nearly made her pass out with sheer tactile delight.
She has said I can borrow it while she is at school. 


I am now recovered from the weekend on my own
and am back to living through my lens and being a busy mum,
and today a family shoot for my friend,
which was so rewarding as her children were a source of light themselves.
I won't give any secrets away as I want Melinda to see the images first,
but here is a wee sneak peek...

  The weekend holds birthday fever ahead,
and M3 is nearly exploding with excitement
as we plan her party.
She has been collecting ideas for cakes and decor for months,
but was a surprised to learn that Johnny Depp will not be making an appearance at her birthday party after all.  She was expecting that he be there, since she is fascinated by the Mad Hatter and it was quite a job to convince her not to have a freakishly weird Alice in Wonderland cake.  I think she thought by compromising on the cake, surely we would organise him to pop in for a little visit.

She hung her head as she heard my words.
I held her hand as she digested the news.
She asked again just to be really sure that I had 
understood the seriousness of the situation.  
I explained how much I knew Johnny Depp meant to her, 
but that he was busy on Sunday and 
just would not be able to join her and the 
14 other little people attending her party.
It was a sad, sad moment.
Then she shrugged and said that perhaps her party would still be okay.
I said I hoped so too.

Tomorrow I will take her for a wee date to get her a 'Baby Angel' mani/pedi and buy her a milkshake and then on Sunday we will celebrate in true Singaporean style.
Not a garden party like we are used to,
but a huge indoor playground.
This is what she chose 5 months ago, 
so as much as I have suggested other options,
with less screaming children,
she has remained concrete in her decision.
If I can't give her Johnny Depp,
I can gulp down my repulsion of germ factories
and the noise of a million sugar highs
and give her the party of her dreams.

Have a lovely weekend all.

Meghan at MNM's  – (September 16, 2011 at 8:32 PM)  

Wow - looks like you might find yourself having to relinquish the camera more often - those are some stunning shots hubby captured - love the lamps and the bowls especially :-)

Gail  – (September 16, 2011 at 8:50 PM)  

MY GOODNESS. Big Ups to Mr L for those fantastic shots - obviously he has had a great teacher!!

And oh, M3. I wanted JD at my party too but alas, he just couldn't make it. I completely understand your disappointment.

Simoney  – (September 16, 2011 at 9:46 PM)  

WOW Greg is so clever! He has a great eye... must have learnt from you, aye???
Hehehe about the party.
Precious girl.
Will love to see your party pics...

Kelly Sauer  – (October 10, 2011 at 7:46 AM)  

Such color, such hope, and such a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing a bit of it with us!

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