Kids are like nuggets dipped in wonder-sauce.

They expect mouth watering flavour at every turn - in fact I have observed for my offspring, it is a pre-requisite for survival.
I have never heard my kids say, oh cool. Boring. I can roll with that.
In fact, they are the opposite.
They would rather eat brussel sprouts than do BORING.
They would rather be eaten by a brussel sprout than do boring.

For a year this wee nugget has been biting down on boredom while waiting for her turn to go her sisters' big school.

She had this whole get outta my way, I am so ready to dip into this vibe happening.

She is happily ensconced in a new class,
enjoying the change in dynamics and bringing home some lovely (and unlovely) behaviour and verbal choices.
Cue transition parenting as we adjust to the new flavours and menus.

She has been very clear in her resolve to do ballet.
It was a no-brainer as far as she was concerned.
She has said to us in every action and word
Guys, c'mon! I am not a baby anymore.
Let me run with the big dogs
and pee in the long grass.
Adventure awaits,
Let me at the wonder-sauce!

Yeah, but I still see your baby puku, and dimples in your knees and elbows.
I still want you to eat mashed pumpkin
and fit in the crook of my arm.

In my mind, I still see you crawl and clap and crow,
and giggle and wobble and do what babies do best -
stun their parents with sheer deliciousness.
Learning now to do the splits
and being measured for new ballet shoes
and having an attitude
is not quite what this mummy was ready to embrace.

There is a small pet store across from the ballet studio.
The owner raises the roller door a fraction to let himself in at the same time as the class finishes.
Before he knows it, a gang of little pink ladies have shot through the gap to say hello to the turtles.
The parents all stand awkwardly watching from outside -
because when it comes to reigning in a wonder-seeker,
you need more than two pairs of hands and a taser gun of bribery.

I am finding myself caught again in that weird place
where I get lost in the midst of strategies and memories.
The job of mothering changes DAILY.
I have to keep adjusting backwards and forwards,
with each child,
with each age,
with each delicate or disgusting challenge.

Sometimes I get lost.
Not sure which year, child or nutritional need I am figuring out.

And then I get found.

By them,
those nuggets.

And they spray me with wonder-sauce and none of it matters very much anymore.

paige  – (July 31, 2011 at 12:06 AM)  

those nuggets....what a beautiful post

little girls in ballet=beautiful beautiful

Elizabeth  – (July 31, 2011 at 9:20 PM)  

Awww - what a gorgeous wee girl!

Don't they grow up just so quickly though!

Simoney  – (August 1, 2011 at 9:59 AM)  

What a beautiful funny -make-me-laugh-out-loud post!
That baby girl is just too lovely.

Lori  – (August 4, 2011 at 4:47 AM)  

Oh she is too cute! Love the wonder sauce, I think I need some of that :-)

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