The Missing See-Saw

Who said it was alright for you to go ahead and grow up?

As much as it was hard being a full time mum at home with no break from kids, leaving you at your first morning of daily preschool today has made me feel like I just cut my left arm off.

I have missed me-time.

But right now, I just miss you.

And when you come home in a few hours, I know I will go back to missing me-time.

And it never ceases to amaze me, this perplexing motherhood gig - where we are happy and whole to be mothers, yet crave time for ourselves. But then, when we get it, we miss being with our kids. Well, I know I do. It's like I can't be fully happy either way.

And therein lies one of the catches of being a mom.

Matters of the heart will never be simple again.

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