Of broccoli, words and fat pants

Grateful today:

88. For sight. After a fortnight of being unable to download from my camera, I miss the images acutely. I am profoundly thankful that my eyes can take in light and hue, and regularly get the opportunity to feast on texture and gleam. A few days off makes me hungry for this visual smorgasboard but so aware of what a gift it is. I do not take it for granted.

89. For how my husband's hands are always warm.

90. For cherry red nail polish.

91. For broccoli. We are re-naming our youngest daughter, Miss Brassica. She is addicted to the stuff and will easily eat everyone's portions in one sitting. She flicks her carrots to the floor, and the rice is for the birds, but she is monstrous in her greed when it comes to those little green trees.

92. For an outdoor table in the sun.

93. For a neighbour who brought flowers over, arranged in a tall spaghetti jar.

94. For having the leak downstairs fixed, finally. For a landlord who is following through.

95. For leaders that inspire.

96. For hot baths to melt tension knots from shoulders.

97. For little hands that served water and ice in champagne glasses to the table tonight.

98. For ten year old innocence that calls her new revitalising cleanser, her Retavaliser.

99. For middly girl wanting a piece of the cosmetic action, making me pour out the contents of an old deodorant roll-on bottle, and filling it with purple sunscreen to roll under her arms.

100. For keeping my 'fat pants' and not throwing them out. They have been pressed into service in my new expansion of emotional eating :)

101. For rest. I am choosing to appreciate the on-line diet and use it as a break for my brain.

102. For the ability to choose courage despite the internal voices that tempt mediocrity.

103. For reading out loud.

104. For reading in quiet.

105. For the way the sun set last night as I drove home over the bridge through the rainbow river of a sky.

106. For pictionary games with the girls. Hysterical laughing over ridiculous drawings, bendy rules and a timer that turned over and over.

107. For tomorrow. That it comes without question or rebuke, just steadily rolls into newness. What a miracle of creation the new day is.

108. And again, because I never tire of being grateful for it, for life.

109. And love.

Traci Michele  – (October 13, 2009 at 3:08 PM)  

Amy, love the way you write! Thanks for sharing your gratitude list. Hop over to Ordinary Inspirations when you have a chance :-)


Simoney  – (October 13, 2009 at 8:11 PM)  

Love the way you write (and think) Amy. Even without your usual gorgeous images, your words paint pictures. Thanks so much for your comment/advice on my Dilemma. Your wise words have been put to use and we have an amazing resolution which I will write about later. Love heaps! Lets do coffee/lunch soon?? xx

deb  – (October 14, 2009 at 2:01 AM)  

I echo the above, your words paint images.
What a list... your list made me smile this morning.

Cassandra Frear  – (October 14, 2009 at 4:55 AM)  

On Monday and Sunday's post, William Zinsser's advice: write small.

Pick a small thing and write about it. Honestly. You will find the great themes of your life revealed and people will connect to it in a wonderful way.

Bless you.

paige  – (October 14, 2009 at 5:16 AM)  

beautiful post!!
what a wonderful list & a grateful heart , too

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