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Determined to find the glorious in my mundane, belonging to this gratitude community is a way of turning dull old overwhelming Monday into the fold of simple thanks. The author of the associated blog has prodded me into more honest reflection of the divine than she will ever know. Wings to a new place.

1. Every beginning starts with the breath that gave form to life. This book and my salvation is then what has to take the cliche but obvious priority.

2. Strength, embrace and belonging.

3. These little people whose journeys of maturing stretch my character and make me who I myself am growing to be.

4. My first cup ushers morning in.

5. My obsession: the light. Every way it slants in, early bright stripes, mellow evening glow, it warms and inspires me. Seeing the way light is sitting on something has the ability to completely distract me from task at hand and make me pause in lengthy astonishment.

6. The artist in me is greedy for the way colour feeds me. Ridiculous delight. A miracle of light speaking in different languages. I am besotted with the banter.

It's an annoyingly predictable list, but the order sets the base for me to stand and view the joy of more gratitude. The creative streak in me is pulling faces at the adminstrative hand. It is the same battle that starts each time I begin to paint. Priming the canvas for the brush stroke brings chaos to my progress as discipline has to battle against impulsive whimsy. Only then can it last the distance.

But one more just to poke a tiny stick at the sensible.

7. This one needs no explanation... although it is more about the dear friends around the table that morning than the calories.

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience  – (August 2, 2009 at 2:51 PM)  

Oh my.
This was breathtaking.
Predictable list?
Not in the least! It was pure beauty and my heart sang.
I will read it now again and sing to Jesus all over again with you.

Thank you for ministering to me....
Thank you Jesus for all the grace You pour out on AMY!!!!!

All's grace,

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