Travelling back in time

As children we had a souvenir of a goldmining shanty town once visited on a family holiday. In a tiny vial, small flecks of gold danced in suspension with particles of sand. I used to cradle the vial and watch with fascination how the light glinted off the fragments as they spiraled downwards.
After a journey back to the town we left last year; after flights, toddler teething and late nights, after a personal voyage to spill time back into the cup of family we see so little of since our move, there are highs and lows. And a weird sense of having grown older in a matter of a few short days. Looking at old photos jogged and rippled the inner stills of the little me; memory lane became a three laned highway. Practical hands moved furniture, hung paintings, made tea. Snap and whir went my brain, assimilating and stabilising; trying to grasp a sense of gravity in the new family dynamics.
The drive from the airport I made on my own with the girls. In blinding rain that reduced visability to mere metres, baby slipped free of her seat belt. I was unable to pull over for 15 minutes and drove frantically praying and breathing deeply, as she screamed herself hoarse, attempting to climb over to the front seat and into my lap for cuddles. Stress fractured my clarity.
Still too soon to settle - now returned to the home of what is sometimes the distant and isolated mundane, the glass heart of sand is murky and the fragments at play are now suspended in slow drifts above the bottom of well lit and clear understanding.
In the sleepless glow of lampstand, I am lifting the vial of my tumbled thoughts and wondering if light would reflect off the flakes as they hang. The tiny glimmers of gold in that murky suspension need to hold my focus and attention more than the shards of worthless gravel.
"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

Simoney  – (July 20, 2009 at 3:12 PM)  

Hey Amy... I tagged you in one of those 8x8 thingys. Sorry! Do it if you're scraping for post ideas, I guess! (or did you already do it?? I have a feeling you did?? Oh well, just consider yourself POPULAR!!)x

GB  – (July 20, 2009 at 9:40 PM)  

Hi Amy, I've come back for a 2nd look at your photos! They are really fantastic - you've got me wanting to go to Wellington and to a photography course!!

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