Of cake and boots...

My week:

the dishwasher has not worked for 21 days, three hours and 6 minutes

i found a sweater on clearance that only slightly makes me look like a womble

i have begun to paint again

mishal can perform at least five nursery songs in pitch with actions although the words get a little garbled

her father taught her to say cappuccino and she had another hair cut

fashionista middle child has a new pair of marshmallow pink leather boots found at the hospice shop for loose change

i had a slice and a half of the best cake i have ever tasted...each mouthful was redemptive

stood in the rain before dawn in the streetlamp light awaiting a lift to an early morning prayer meeting

un-earthed my rainbow scarf which scares some people, but i heart the colours anyway

my beautiful oldest's ugg boots fit me and are verywarmthankyouverymuchandnoyoucan'thavethemback

i haven't been to the gym in weeks due to ligament injury

the washing piles still refuse to fold themselves

i need a haircut, i look like i have a haystack sitting on top of my shoulders

we ate the worst brussel sprouts ever since the history of appalling vegetables

i met a person this week who made me grateful for my life and realise i hardly know the meaning of true grief

very good coffee at a kid-friendly cafe with a nice friend on the spur of the moment

learnt at a course i am doing about the power of a story to speak truth where truth doesn't speak like you think it should

learned i am low in vitamin d

quite sensibly ate a banana at 3.23am one night

Roll on Monday.

Simoney  – (June 14, 2009 at 6:56 PM)  

Hey Amy... love that list! Sounds like a very interesting week! BTW I have to say about the Brussels Sprouts: You had to have realised that ANY brussels sprouts would be the worst in the world because Brussles Sprouts are BY NATURE the WORST VEGETABLES IN THE WORLD!!! x

GB  – (June 14, 2009 at 10:02 PM)  

Great list Amy! My Dishwasher has been working for 2 weeks now, after 6-12 months of being "out of action".
Looking like a womble? I think NOT my dear!

Guckstersa  – (June 22, 2009 at 11:40 PM)  

Brussel Sprouts do get the worst end of the deal - they can't be blamed for being grown badly. If grown properly they don't tantalise the taste buds like chocolate, but are a vaste improvement on some other vegetables I'd like to mention!

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