Travelling Light

I am flying back to Wellington tonight to hang out with my best friend.

And go to her dad's funeral on Wednesday before flying back home that night to the six little arms and two big ones that I look forward to feeling wrapped around me.

It will be very weird to be heading off alone, I usually always have my entourage. To this end, I have even unpacked the nappies from my handbag. And the emergency cracker supply. And the pouch of Wiggles Flushable Wipes. And the lollipops. And the baby panadol. It figures I should be travelling light without all that stuff. So tell me how is it that the zip on my overnight bag is struggling to make ends meet?

And I have yet to pack some serious essentials like my camera.

And the baby panadol because you never know when you might need to dole that out.

And a couple of lollipops for any kids I meet who have sore ears on the flight or need to be kept quiet in important hushed places.

And a pouch of wipes is always very handy no matter who you are.

Also, crackers might be clever to have, you know, incase food is suddenly in extremely short supply and hot demand.

And maybe a nappy.

Because I cannot bear to take it out and you never know when one will come in handy. Like that time we were out at a corporate show and the woman next to me accidentally tipped over her glass of red wine...and it ran everywhere including down into the lap of her boss. A nappy was a VERY handy addition to the contents of my bag that night.

To a diva, it is shameful. But I fear being a mother is now part of my dna - my double helix is now a triple. That extra strand must have come in when those babies grew under my heart and shared my life blood. What they don't tell you is that the change is permanent. That you cannot shake the motherhood gene off more than you could change your blood type from A to B. That you will never ever ever again travel solo, despite being alone.

Instead you will find yourself standing in another world of grief and black heels clutching your mommy bag of just-in-case must haves because it now simply a part of who you are and you would be lost without it.

Simoney  – (May 4, 2009 at 4:46 PM)  

Love it Amy, great post! xx

Erin  – (May 5, 2009 at 2:08 PM)  

And true.

I feel like I'm going to float out of the gravitational pull of the earth when I don't have those little hands to hold on either side as we walk. And the shadow of the eldest flitting in front or skipping behind, always just over my shoulder.
My compass is completely off without those familiar bearings.

Praying that your solo flight will minister to your friend in her sorrow. Your gentle hands will be free to hold someone else's this week.

paige  – (May 6, 2009 at 12:56 AM)  

so beautiful !!
blessings to you
'i just loved what you left for me on my blog are a ray of sunshine

ps--i LOVE your header

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