Promise Lilies

I am looking around.

barbie is wearing platforms in the kitchen
a hot pink golf ball lurks beneath the couch,
turrets of the fairy castle tent flap on the deck,
a board book somehow gets nestled in with my magazines,
a pale pink butterfly net waits on the stairs
a lost glittery hair band peeks out from under a cushion

Sprinkles of girliness we find ourselves surrounded by each day as an adult couple who are parenting little people of the pink variety. When it comes to raising girls, it becomes clear pretty early on in the piece, that they are just baby women. Emotive and led by the heart. Simple practical pointers only go a short way in terms of communicating and they feel things as much as they see and hear them. Sometimes I catch myself expecting them to behave like little robots - going through the motions of instruction - but at times they are really just mini-mes, feeling their way along with mental eyes shut. Pink is not so much a colour as a state of being!
Just before term started, I realised that they were holding back a jangly combination of feelings and were bickering, unrepentant and unclear as to what was motivating their choices. I sat them down at the table with clean sheets of paper and a pencil each and got them to draw. It doesn't take long for the feelings to pop to life in their illustrations and I was interested to see the negativity and fear that was being expressed. A great deal of it had to do with their imminent start at the new school and there were secret confessions of possibly feeling unliked and missing their old lives.
Then I got each girl to choose a square of scrapbooking paper and on the back I asked them to write things that they KNEW to be true. They needed help with this: I am loved, I am unique, I am safe, I am a child of God...just some of the promises they needed reminding of that day. Then we folded the paper up into lily flowers.
I placed the flowers in a vase on a bed of brightly coloured buttons and we are all reminded daily of the promises hidden under the prettiness. Their fears turned out to be unfounded, but were however at the time, their reality, and this activity I found released them to face those scary feelings and turn their focus onto what they knew to be true in each of their situations. I did at no time promise that things would be great. But I did promise them that God knew everything and that they could trust Him. I imagine this will not be the last time we make a tactile reminder of our dependance on God. Next time I might use thinner paper - these got quite wodgy at the end :)

Simoney  – (March 17, 2009 at 10:00 AM)  

I love this Amy! Wow, what an insightful mum you are!

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