Lead me to the place where I can see...

This is one of my book-end scriptures, ya know? the kind that stands up more weighty than some of the other ones and holds them straight. It brings comfort in stretching times, holds no excuse but neither hints at rebuke. It says to me that I am understood.

When it is giant-season on the Motherhood front, I like to dwell on David venturing forth on that Goliath guy. David was a shepherd too - and the parallel line with the verse brings new light to me of simple things confounding the wise. Of the meek inheriting the earth. Of the kingdom belonging to the poor and of the pure in heart having eyes to see.

And of the way the nurturer shepherd boy chose to see things God's way, said yes and began to action the victory despite the climate around him.

lead me to the place
where i can see
Amazing Grace will carry me
(More of You - Can You Feel It? Equippers Church)

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