A Baker's Dozen

At dawn, you whispered happy anniversary, holding my hands in yours. You then promptly went back to sleep but for me the sky lightened as I flicked through mental images of our wedding day. There are so many things I would do differently - but when I force those reconstructive mind-fingers to rest, I can feel again the sense of who we were and how contented we were to at last offically belong together.
Embellish that with thirteen years of overlay, and I realise our communication is refined to a point where our conversations are so whittled away by distractions that we can nod, grunt, arch an eyebrow or look a certain way and still manage to understand each other perfectly. The volume of words has diminished and the time to use them in is filled with other little voices.

The moccasin of each other's company has become smooth and warm.

We have adapted to each other so much that we like the same sorts of things (except that every now and then an exciting curveball of considered bad taste is tossed in for fun).
We can say and hear honest things without losing our security (depending of course on pms).

We see and smile at the genetic reflections on our children, glimpsing each other in their forms at sleep and play; it is like playing in a hall of mirror-love.

We still know how to have a good disagreement - grinding cleansing grit between the cogs of understanding.

We know how to make each other a good coffee.

We compare baby wrinkles. After all we began tracing each other's features when we were in our mid-teens and have now doubled in age.

We understand better that love is muddy. It does not stay in one place.

And I am beginning to comprehend that the further down this route I go, the less I know my way, but the more I enjoy the ride.

The sun is now up and I will lean over and wake you with a kiss (you will get a fright) followed by a very polite demand for a nice cup of tea (which I don't get of course because there are little people milling around needing breakfast, packed lunches and hair to be tied up).
VMD Babe.

Anonymous –   – (March 31, 2009 at 2:23 PM)  

What a beautiful post... made me weepy! And your photo is.. well... so beautiful.. almost kissed by God. I love it.

Thank you SO much for your kind wonderful words on my blog. It meant the world to me that Lindsay linked Eli's story. And it means even more to read your wonderful heartfelt words. Bless you!


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