Flap those little wings

Today I waved my baby off to camp. And fiercely blinked through my smile while she watched my eyes carefully for telltale signs of weakness. As parents, we managed to hold it together until she shooed us away in a surge of impatient independance and we stood there, looking at each other in that vacuum of loss. The one where you spend every waking (and non waking) ounce of love, energy and worth on ensuring that our young ones are safe, cared for and becoming everything they need to be. The logical steps of this progression of growth are times away from the nest and every sensible thought acknowledges this. However, the heart strings are pulled as you wish you weren't feeling the loss of their littleness and presence and you fight the parental urge to be a fly on the wall in their days away. We will not hear from her for three more days unless something is wrong and in the meantime, jolly along the lonely one who is keenly missing her big sis. So we're letting her go cheerfully and celebrating the fact that she was keen and fizzing to start the adventure and not dragging her feet.

It has begun in earnest.

This push-me-pull-you of parenting.

Suburban Turmoil  – (March 1, 2009 at 1:06 PM)  

Camp?! In February?! Where exactly do you live?

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