Choccy cake and buckets


Rainbow's End

"Life is a roller coaster.
Sometimes you're at the top of the hill feeing good.
Other times you're heading for the bottom feeling totally out of control."
Reggie Dabbs


Best friends to stay

It's the light that I remember.
A glow that I was drawn to through my lens and most of my memories are tinted with that patina. We shared life and laughter and although tinged with that ever present knowledge that we were on borrowed time, we drank in the joy of simply being in the same place again. Watching the children re-connect. Nurturing and negotiating the seven little lives who meshed with each other so well (although sometimes a little effort was needed to maintain consistent peace!). The evening sunshine on our walks was quite breathtaking. As were the dances the girls performed for us; their acrobatics; voices raised in song; beach trips and the sound of their running feet. Bobbins whirred, cups of tea chinked, music played and peals of laughter were heard as we bumbled along in comfortable chaos. Friendship has seldom seemed so sweet and the leaving was tear-stained and quite overwhelming for some of the small members of our families.

But mostly it was fun - like dancing in the sun.


Toddler Love

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