Fruitcake and Family

Season's Greetings All!

I want to report that this place has been filled with nothing but giggles, carol melodies, spicy baking smells and lashings of Christmas joy and love.
And it is true.
What is also true is that we have had our fair share of scorched fruitcakes (not to mention the bottom of the cake tin falling out with contents onto floor as being transferred to oven),
soggy gingerbread cookies, mountains of linen to wash for guests arriving, tantrums (not just the kids :)) baby immunisations and mess. The baby is now walking. And falling over. The girls are feverishly counting down days and we have been busy sewing and wrapping and generally creating Christmas havoc.

Where ever you are in the world, our family and friends, we send you much love and hope the reflection on our Saviour's birth affords much warmth to your lives this season.

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