I talked to my one of my friends about the season of spring and how we should post some photos. She has done hers and so here are two of mine. This first one is the Maddy tree, mentioned before as it lives in my garden and flowers on Maddy's birthday. Its blossom drifts around my feet and speckles the lawn with pink confetti.

The other tree is my favourite tree in Waikanae. Not sure why, but for 12 springs, whenever I drive past, my heart does a little ahhhhh. Each and every time. It is something about the shape of the tree - how short the trunk but how extravagant the foliage. It reminds me of a wedding dress; a fairytale; a cherry wood trunk to lean on while reading in the spring afternoon sunshine and eating an apple as bees drone in and out of the blossoms. I will miss both of these petal clad giants. Yes it sounds like madness - but I am a tree-girl at heart.

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