Busy in the midst of Blossoms

Wow! I have not blogged for ages. The girls have all been sick. A virulent cold, cough and sore throat that have had them all miserable and lay-about-ish. Especially Mishie, who has clung to me like a baby monkey, refusing to eat a bite of anything that isn't involved in my bra. This has meant her newly trained nights of sleeping through have been biffed out of the window and I have been nursing her croaky, snuffly, feverish body several times a night. It exhausts me, but I have succumbed to finally giving her antibiotics so hopefully the worst has passed and we are on the up.

I have just finished typing up the girl's homeschooling exemption applications and have been spending every spare moment on the laptop in the brain-wringing occupation of setting about convincing the government that I am a parent capable of imparting knowledge and in possession of all decent sensibilities. No easy feat. I will print off the screeds and plonk them before my clever husband tomorrow when he comes home from being away (again? or still? I hear you ask) and let him tell me whether they make any sense before sending them off. Then I have a large art commission to complete before we start to pack up - this one is a lovely work in progress and I am looking forward to being romanced by the snowy peaks of this mountain in question. When I paint, I fall headlong into the scene and can almost smell the air about me change (not just the paint fumes people...) and when it is done I am almost sad to withdraw. However, the girls are home for school holidays so I shall have to lasso some weekend time when the Daddy-nanny can whisk small painting helpers to parks and beaches, anywhere really, so long as it is A-W-A-Y from my brushes. There is nothing worse than trying to paint an artwork of any value with little fingers edging closer to the canvas, toes knocking over water jars and pleading voices to let me allow them to paint a little bit too. It makes the Mummy-monster leap out of her box. And nobody likes it when that happens.

It is spring and this momentous event has afforded me much enjoyment as I applaud the finale of the blossom show in my garden. This time next year I will not see the "Maddy tree" covered in petal pinks (named such because it blooms over her birthday month and she enjoys this sense of ownership) nor the wisteria clustered on the pergola outside my bedroom window (hopefully won't have this seasonal hayfever nor Greg his asthma either). I have favourite trees in our town that I drive certain ways just to gaze at them as I go past. This weekend I am hoping to find some 'me' time to spend with my camera and click my memories.

As far as our imminent move goes...it is just over four weeks away. Far too far to become real to me right at this moment. It is in the future basket still and I am content to avoid the stress and turmoil until the craziness actually drops into my lap.
Have we sold our home? Nope.
Have we got tenants organised? Nope.
Have we got a place to live in Akl? Nope.
Am I worried? Not at all.
Today has had enough to keep me quite entertained and tomorrow's problems will still be there, tomorrow.

Dawn  – (October 2, 2008 at 9:35 AM)  

Welcome back to bloggy world!! I admire your calmness. . . I'm already stressing about a move in January. The Homeschool Exemptions are intimidating, but they very kindly returned them to me twice until I managed to give them the information they were looking for. . . I think something got lost in translation as I didn't find their questions clear at all as far as what they wanted to know from me specifically. Praying that it all goes well for you!!

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