7 is a good number

You are seven, Maddison Grace!

We cannot begin to tell you how fast the last 7 years has gone and still remember meeting you for the first time like it was yesterday, what a sweet (loud) baby you were!
You are feisty and petite,
sensitive and highly strung,
with petal soft skin and gold hair,
a love of the outdoors, sports and animals,
you cry when others cry,
don't like it when people laugh at you,
get irritated very quickly,
don't like eating foods that you are not your favourites,
you have learned not to suck your thumb in class
and are able to keep blankie in bed just for nights,
you love your teddies and being maternal,
you have learned this year not to bite your nails,
you are great at gymnastics and doing flips on the trampoline,
you get lots of bumps and bruises from moving everywhere really fast,
you won your first cross country this year - beating all the boys in your year,
you won the trophy for Coach's choice in soccer for having an excellent attitude, you are highly competitive, and very brave,
you are praying for a puppy,
you carry Felix the cat about like he is a soft toy and he lets you (he likes to sleep with you too), this year your favourite meal is sausages and mash with gravy,
your best colour is still pink,
you are very fashion conscious (you also have a shoe fettish),
you like to write stories,
you smell good, like strawberries,
you have bad dreams alot,
you sing really well,
you don't like butter or apple crumble,
you love jelly and iceblocks,
you have logic and common sense and are not easily frightened.
Your name means Gift from God and Strong Fighter.
You are both.
We love you Princess.

Erin  – (October 21, 2008 at 8:08 AM)  

Happy Birthday, Maddison!
I love that your middle name is Grace. That is a good reminder about how we ought to deal with each other when things are not going as we like.

My 8 year old doesn't have any of your same names, but they share similar meanings- Gift of God, and Oath of God.

Congratulations on getting that soccer trophy, I'm sure it is quite an accomplishment.

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