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You are one Mishie - it is hard to cotton onto the fact that an entire YEAR has flashed past us and that you are no longer the tiny comma that nestled into my arms. You were the sweetest baby and grew so fast, those newborn baby days were fleeting and there were lots of little clothes that you just never got to wear as you outgrew them before my eyes. The year has held your contented growth, the unfolding of your warm nature and the priviledge of providing for you.

These hands are now very busy
and these chubby legs are seldom still
Anything that can be held and self fed is a bonus to you, especially if it is your first taste of icing and cupcake. You are deeply suspicious of things looming towards you on a spoon and tend to tightly close those lips of yours.

You are great buddies with these guys

and these guys are pretty special to you too

You say Dada, baby (also sounds like dada), birdie, hi, hello, bath, peekaboo, there! bye, la-la (music), wooth-wooth (dog), ttty (cat).
You dance, bob, wave, clap and play pat a cake and round and round the garden.
You laugh! You like to be held (which is quite a challenge as you are very heavy and weigh as much as the average three year old). You refuse to wean - Point Blank. You love bathtime, animals, music, going in the car, walks, hiding things in the warming drawer, trying to climb out of the cat flap, escaping through any open door, investigating the contents of cupboards and finding me when I am trying to have some quiet time and running away from me when I am trying to change you.
You are a delight and we cannot imagine life without you.
Happy Birthday Mishie-manda - love you.

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