Gymnastics Show

A busy weekend's activities included gymnastic performances and soccer prizegiving and someone got a trophy but not posting about that just yet...need photographic proof first! The smallest person had fun scooting over to the 'out of bounds' gym mat as fast as she could get her legs and arms churning and we missed half the performance in our rescue-antics from the sidelines. The photos are of a very poor standard - shooting in a large hall with a zoom is a disaster as far as lighting goes! But none the less, good fun for everyone and afterwards we went out to a friend's 40th birthday party which inevitably turned into a late night...and my two sweetie darlings were actually not playing indoors as one would sensibly suppose, but frolicking about BAREFOOT in the RAIN at 10pm on a very cool spring night. They are grounded until they are 18...okay...Wednesday, and they have woken up today croaky and with sore throats. Grrrrrrrrowl. Packed off to school with zero sympathy.

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