Gymnastics Show

A busy weekend's activities included gymnastic performances and soccer prizegiving and someone got a trophy but not posting about that just yet...need photographic proof first! The smallest person had fun scooting over to the 'out of bounds' gym mat as fast as she could get her legs and arms churning and we missed half the performance in our rescue-antics from the sidelines. The photos are of a very poor standard - shooting in a large hall with a zoom is a disaster as far as lighting goes! But none the less, good fun for everyone and afterwards we went out to a friend's 40th birthday party which inevitably turned into a late night...and my two sweetie darlings were actually not playing indoors as one would sensibly suppose, but frolicking about BAREFOOT in the RAIN at 10pm on a very cool spring night. They are grounded until they are 18...okay...Wednesday, and they have woken up today croaky and with sore throats. Grrrrrrrrowl. Packed off to school with zero sympathy.

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You are ONE!!

From this
and this
to this
and this
You are one Mishie - it is hard to cotton onto the fact that an entire YEAR has flashed past us and that you are no longer the tiny comma that nestled into my arms. You were the sweetest baby and grew so fast, those newborn baby days were fleeting and there were lots of little clothes that you just never got to wear as you outgrew them before my eyes. The year has held your contented growth, the unfolding of your warm nature and the priviledge of providing for you.

These hands are now very busy
and these chubby legs are seldom still
Anything that can be held and self fed is a bonus to you, especially if it is your first taste of icing and cupcake. You are deeply suspicious of things looming towards you on a spoon and tend to tightly close those lips of yours.

You are great buddies with these guys

and these guys are pretty special to you too

You say Dada, baby (also sounds like dada), birdie, hi, hello, bath, peekaboo, there! bye, la-la (music), wooth-wooth (dog), ttty (cat).
You dance, bob, wave, clap and play pat a cake and round and round the garden.
You laugh! You like to be held (which is quite a challenge as you are very heavy and weigh as much as the average three year old). You refuse to wean - Point Blank. You love bathtime, animals, music, going in the car, walks, hiding things in the warming drawer, trying to climb out of the cat flap, escaping through any open door, investigating the contents of cupboards and finding me when I am trying to have some quiet time and running away from me when I am trying to change you.
You are a delight and we cannot imagine life without you.
Happy Birthday Mishie-manda - love you.


Welcome to the world Little Guy

I experienced the priviledge of meeting Benjamin today - and he took my breath away. He belongs to one of my dearest and closest friends and we both agree that he is a heaven-sent masterpiece to complete their family.


So much for the sunshine reputation surrounding Nelson. We had one warm sunny day out of 7. For the most part it was foggy, cold and rainy but the day the sun decided to shine, it did a good job. It was spectacular and small feet met the ocean for the first time. Other feet got drenched and happily splashed up to waist height despite feeble parental pleas to stay dry.

Kenzie and a friend.


Heading away...

On the eve of a week's holiday to Nelson, acclaimed as the Sunshine Capital of NZ, we have both 'hit the wall', our affectionate term for suddenly becoming absolutely and hideously incompetant and stupidly tired. But the bags are packed, plane tickets printed, children asleep and house tidy so that more curious potential buyers can poke around while we are gone. We are leaving at 9am tomorrow morning, squeezing into the bmw as the merc is leaking power steering fluid or something and so we left it at the auto doctor this afternoon for a check up. We are looking forward to a change of scenery if nothing else, some R&R would be a great bonus but after the little darlings had done their cheep-cheep-cheeping around us just today, I am wondering if we will stagger home nearly unconcious after 7 days of unadulterated parental overuse.
These pics were snapped in haste at the park this afternoon while we had been ousted from the house by the real estate agent who had more clients in tow. I have no time to adjust exposure etc and they do not show the emergency pit stop for the 6 year old in the trees, the gulping of bark by the baby and the terrified refusal by the 9 year old to attempt the monkey bars, but they do shout sunshine, family and happy go lucky holiday fever beginning to descend.


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