where have all the mondays gone?

one of my favourite bloggers, Kirsten, writes in the kind of way that transports me, it makes my tea go cold, or my icecream melt because her words are too much of a feast to be distracted from. today she talked about Mondays:

...but when stodgy old Monday rolled around it simply sucked the air out of the room! Mind you, I go through life in a whirl of gaiety (it's simply how I live, darling!) so it's not easy to get me down from that chandelier, but if anyone can squelch the mood, it's good old stodgy Monday with its empty fridge and piles of laundry. Not that I do anything about it--dear me, no! Darling, it may be the beginning of the week, but who said anything about manual labor??

i responded with the comment that tuesdays aren't that hot either:

you are so right, mondays go down like a cup of cold sick in our house too. but tuesdays (way ahead of you in time in NZ) can be grim too lest you be deceived. especially when your house is on the market and it is the school holidays, and your girls have decided to explode their barbies around the lounge and the agent calls to say someone is coming to take photos of the house in 2 hours. you would think 2 hours would be enough time to make your family home look like a magazine spread. you would be wrong. bring back mondays.

Tollipop  – (July 16, 2008 at 5:35 AM)  

Oh, Amy! I came over to visit your blog and found this lovely surprise. What generous, kind words...you singlehandedly made my Tuesday stupendous (if not mysterious and unfathomable)! Now if only I could return the favor by magically making all those barbies disappear...I do relate to this frustration, having three girls of my own. Best of luck with the house sale!


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