The Good and the Bad

Long time no blog. Fingers have been too tired to type. I somehow slipped into a fatigue that gripped me so unrelentingly that just wombling through the hours of each day has been hazy. The kids voices drift to me down a tunnel of half conciousness. I am impatient with everyone. My eyelids droop at 7pm. Feeding the baby during the night is making me feel like I am back in newborn baby bootcamp. Yesterday morning I over-extended my back and put it into spasm which I haven't done for years. Most of the day was spent examining the carpet at close quarters and shuffling around stiffly with teensy steps but today I am able to move easier although it is feeling quite tight. I am sure tomorrow will see huge improvement and if this jolly rain ever stopped, I could get out for a walk which would help my back immensely. Baby girl has her third cold in three months - misery. Middle drama queen has been home sick with cough and sniffles. Oldest Fair-Police has been battling with a conflict at school which has been draining her and us. All three are hungry, messy and soak us up like sponges. As much as Greg and I pour out, they mop up and demand more. We are like husks. Empty with sense of humour failures. They are growing and juicy and funny. The house is heading towards its third open home in as many weeks, with lots of people coming through but no takers. We are resigned and not fighting the concept that we will have to rent it out. A few more months of dangling it out on the market though, too early to withdraw. It seems to a lay-person that there is a large hole in the global financial bucket and confidence is dwindling away to a puddle.

However, on a positive note:

  • it was Crazy Hair Day at school last Friday and we had fun inhaling pink hairspray fumes and stabbing or being stabbed with bobby pins.

  • Mishal is crawling faster than I can run. She eats everything on the floor that is smaller than her hand and yet is reluctant to be fed from a bowl offered in the high chair. Perhaps if I scattered her food around the house... She likes to crawl under the dining room chairs. She is saying "peek-a-boo" in baby syllables. She flips over during nappy changing time like lightening.

  • Soccer practice has been cancelled for weeks due to the soggy fields which is surely cause for fireworks and celebration.

  • I have managed to get my head around reining my thoughtless eating into more structured, energy-giving, balanced meals and actually drinking more than half a glass of water a day.

  • I took Maddy and Mishie to have their passport photos taken a couple of days ago which went very well, if you discount the small fact that Maddy fell into the ornamental pond outside the store which balancing on the edge, and then informed me earnestly that a horrid boy had pushed her in. Ahem, yes we do try to teach our children about truth first time. Middle child is finding this a boomerang concept and we are revisiting it far more than I had every dreamed parentally possible.

  • Greg is not travelling away this week. He bought me the Donna Hay Kids mag which so far I have hardly caught a glimpse of as the kids bore it off to their room, where they pore over recipes and the board game that came with the mag. Kenzie made us dinner last night, Pita Pizzas. It was perfectly edible and nice for her to feel powerful in the culinary field, although she did have to be encouraged not to read her book while the pizzas were cooking. Also, while checking on the pizzas, I discovered the oven door ajar due to the fact that the Crock pot cord and plug were dangling down and trapped inside the oven - before the house burned down.

So all in all, a marvellous few days really.

Dawn  – (August 9, 2008 at 8:55 PM)  

Hi Amy!! Thanks for visiting my blog - I've enjoyed reading yours and I'm just sad you are moving to Auckland!! You take amazing photos and your girls are really beautiful and I love, love, love the way you write. It seems we have a lot in common, who knows, maybe we can meet in person one day. In the meantime, I'm adding you to my google reader subscription so I can get to know you better. Dawn

lela  – (August 16, 2008 at 8:18 AM)  

amy... you describe the feelings of exhaustion and kid consumption so well! i can totally relate.
we're back in russia now. i'm struggling, but hanging on to the fact that God knows what He's doing.
be thinking about you...

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