First things

You are 9 months old. You have been out in the world for just as long as you were in my tummy.
And it is a month of firsts.
You are saying your first word this week - tttty (kitty) and everytime one of the cats walks past, or you see one on a chair, you flap and squeal and lunge toward them.
Your first tooth cut last week - bottom left.
You are not crawling but are beginning to move on your bottom.
You are still not interested in solid food (unless its in the cat bowl) but enjoyed your first yoghurt.
You can pick up little peas but prefer to chase them around your highchair tray before pushing all onto the floor, at which time you hang over the edge gazing down at them.
You are wearing size 2 clothes now.
You have chicken pox and you are covered in spots my speckled egg, covered. You are sad and want to feed and be held all around the clock. Sleep is not rated highly in your world.
You hold out your arms to be lifted, and when Daddy walks in you grin and reach out for him.
You have started being shy with strangers, burying your head coyly in my shoulder.
You have outgrown your rear-facing carseat and are now facing forwards like a big girl.
You still love the bath but got a little scared of the bubbly pinetarsal water tonight.
You think Kenzie and Maddy are your personal entertainers and laugh hysterically when they jump or sing or even just say a cheery hello to you.

I had a doll that I won in a colouring in competition when I was 6 years old that looks like you. I used to tell everyone that she was nine months old because I had overheard that was the best baby age. It is. So far it is. But every age with every one of my babies has been the best. It is one of the miracles of motherhood - it keeps being fresh and when you miss their tiny newborn days, you are busy loving their chubby, learning days and it eases the sadness you feel and makes you smile.

Because you have a dotty, sore face I am loading a picture of you taken last week. You are a sweet, happy, pretty girl who lights up our family, we love you Mishie-girl.

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