Celebrating books

In honour of the school's recognition of literacy week, we got very serious about investigating what lurks between the pages, starting from the youngest up. She has discovered the joy of turning each page and we are love-love-loving Where is the Green Sheep?

The Maddy-girl went as one of the 10 Dancing Princesses, the one called Kate (?) she told me. It was so cute, she had her ballet shoes on, wedged into thick hot pink gumboots because of the puddles. The dress is one of Kenzie's that Mads has been longing to wear for years and although a few sizes too big, she beamed enough to make me realise that it didn't matter. She felt princessey and that's really what its about.

Spy detective was the name of the game with the big girl. Alas no penny loafers Nancy Drew style, but plenty of attitude and she went off grinning and fortunately not feeling like an idiot, like some of her contemporaries who seemed to be cringing in shame in their impressive disguises.

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