Daddy love

One of my babies has been sick. For those of you who are parents - you will blink and slowly nod your heads as you remember what it is like to attend to the frequent cries through the small hours of a little head bent over a bowl. You will recall making a cup of coffee and watching the Disney channel at 2am, surrounded by pillows, stroking a sad furrowed forehead, cajoling fairy sips of hated electrolyte solution - all in a fog of disinfectant. You bite down on that weird sense of fear when your offspring are not well and wait for them to improve so that your heart can resume its normal rhythm. You watch the hours tick past, a part of you begging for sleep but the bigger part alertly serving the child you love, knowing that if you had to stay up all night, you would. And finally, the sky lightens. The weary blond head on the pillow stays quiet and still. And you at last can slip into rest for a time until the household stirs. You are a great dad Greg - thank you for being the one on watch and letting me creep back to my bed and leave you with this. Ten stars.

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