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We dribbled the last few drops of summer out of the sunshine glass and enjoyed a warm frolicky afternoon with a friend in the sand and sea. I am still getting the sand out of their clothes...my washing machine does not thank me for such crunchy loads!


The Ride of My Life

I am trying to encourage the concept of doing something every day that scares us, to become habit in our family. What a ride! Having a third baby is the scariest thing for me so far but watch this space. There is more to come in the scary department - that isn't a baby!


So, we buried my Grandad a couple of days ago. It was very special and very sad in many ways. We stayed with family on their farm, in creaky caravans on the lawn, and there was nowhere else on earth I would rather have been.

This is what it was about for me:

hugs and holding hands
laughing at shared memories
listening to Sarah practice the chosen hymns
dodging cricket balls
lying in bed looking at grandad's jarmies still hanging on the back of the door
walking through the apple trees
chamomile tea and chocolate cake
talking to God
walking on wet grass in the early mornings
more tears
being woken by the bird-scaring guns at dawn
just standing looking at nothing
missing Grandad knowing he would loved to be there
the boys all watching cricket and formula one
trying to keep Mishie quiet when she cried in the night
counting eagles on the way home, each one for Grandad

I loved you Grandad - dance with Grandma down the streets of gold.
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Goodbye Gabundi

Denis John Cooper

12.07.1925 - 11.3.2008

Even in darkness light dawns for the upright,
for the gracious and compassionate and righteous man.
Psalm 112:4


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