Remembering Grandma

Joan Margaret Cooper

18.12.22 - 15.11.07

Smells of jam-making fill the place
A ready smile from wrinkled face
Cotton dresses in floral hues
Capable hands that are well-used
Generous and strong of will
Twinkling blue eyes, contentment filled
Wicked humour and practical touch
Sunhat and sandals worn much
Gracious home, trays of tea
Guava jelly and embroidery
Singing grace and freckly legs
Fresh farm milk and thousands of eggs
Old sentiment treasures stored for years
Knitting needles and pinking shears
Gumboots, roses, fruit-filled trees
Secateurs and African bees
Big Alsatians wagging to her call
Rhubarb crumble, enough for all
Tsk-tsk, and chortles of mirth
Her embrace the safest place on this earth
It is unthinkable to say Goodbye
But I choose to know I’ll see her by and by
And when I do meet her up above
I know I’ll hear “Hello My Love!”

Amy Joan


Hello Angel!

Welcome to our family Little One - we love you.


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